SEO vs Google Ads: Which Is Better?

In a competitive landscape that is mainly dominated by Google, your choice of SEO or Google ads can significantly impact your business.

If you’re new to the business and still experimenting with different elements of digital marketing, the choice between SEO and PPC can be tough for you.

But fret not! In this blog, we will thoroughly discuss the importance of SEO and Google ads and break down which service can be a better fit for you.

While Kanadev is here as your go-to Google ads agency in Mississauga, let’s dive right into the details without any further ado.

Role Of SEO In Digital Marketing

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the process of enhancing a website’s natural presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So, what exactly gets optimized?

The website’s content, technical structure, and user experience (UX). Optimization also includes gaining and creating quality links from relevant, high-authority websites.

What can you achieve with SEO?

Through SEO practices, you can enhance the visibility and rankings of your website’s pages in organic search engine results pages (SERPs). When done effectively, you increase unpaid traffic, engagement, conversions, and sales as more online searchers discover and visit your site.

The role of SEO in digital marketing is pivotal for your business to ensure visibility on search engines and foster a robust online presence.

1. Boost Authority and Credibility: SEO enhances online authority and credibility, building trust with your audience and search engines.

2. Improve Organic Search Rankings: Optimize content, structure, and technical aspects for higher search engine rankings, leading to increased visibility, traffic, and sales.

3. Gain Organic Website Traffic: SEO serves as a customer acquisition tool, directing organic traffic to your site for potential conversions.

4. Enhance User Experience: Optimize website structure, content, and navigation for a positive user experience, reducing bounce rates and boosting engagement.

5. Surpass Your Competition: Empower your business to outshine competitors through keyword research, improved website experience, higher SERP rankings, and increased brand awareness.

6. Maximize ROI: SEO delivers a cost-effective digital marketing strategy with a high ROI, driving long-term leads and contributing to revenue growth.

However, if you’re looking forward to harnessing the potential of SEO, we recommend you to avail professional services. For instance, if you’re a business in Ontario, you should look for professional SEO services in Ontario since they have an in-depth understanding of how to target the local audience and achieve maximum ROI.

Importance OF PPC In Digital Marketing

Google Ads serves as Google’s versatile advertising platform, allowing businesses to enhance sales, generate leads, increase site traffic, and boost engagement through paid ads. The platform offers a range of ad options, each tailored to specific business needs and goals, and operates on the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model.

1. Google Search: Text ads displayed on Google search results pages, labeled as “Sponsored” or “Ad,” reaching people actively searching for products or services. These are pay-per-click (PPC) ads, meaning you only pay when someone clicks.

2. Google Shopping: Ads that appear when users search with intent to purchase specific products. They display at the top or right side of search results and include images, prices, and business names.

3. Google Display Network: Text or image ads on over two million websites, videos, and apps, aiming to build brand awareness. Pricing is based on either cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) or CPC.

4. YouTube Advertising: Short video ads are shown before or during YouTube videos, promoting brand awareness and encouraging subscribers, traffic, or conversions. Pricing options include CPC, CPM, or cost per view (CPV).

5. App Campaigns: Maximizing downloads, engagement, and retention for mobile apps. Ads can appear on search results, display networks, and YouTube, with pricing options like CPC, CPM, cost per action (CPA), or cost per install (CPI).

Google ads or PPC plays a key role in forming your digital marketing strategies. The importance of PPC in digital marketing lies in its ability to deliver immediate and measurable results.

Through strategic keyword targeting, businesses can position themselves prominently in search engine results and ensure visibility to a relevant audience actively seeking their products or services.

This not only enhances brand exposure but also provides valuable data for refining and optimizing marketing campaigns.

SEO vs Google Ads: Which Should Be Your Choice?

AspectSEO (Search Engine Optimization)PPC (Pay Per Click)
Pros1. Clicks are free.
2. Delivers long-term results
3. Targets every part of the funnel
4. Great brand awareness and trust
1. Delivers instant results
2. Offers exceptional visibility
3. High-intent clicks 4. Great data
Cons1. Takes time 2. Precision needed 3. A high level of skill is required1. Higher initial investment. 2. Every click on your ads costs you. 3. Turning off ads may decrease visibility.  
Key DifferenceTraffic from SEO is free, but it takes time to see results and requires ongoing efforts.PPC requires payment for visibility but offers immediate results and precise targeting options.

The choice depends on your specific situation. SEO and Google Ads are distinct methods to enhance your business visibility, and you might contemplate investing in either or both.

Need instant results and no time to wait?

Google Ads can provide that with just a few clicks. You can swiftly appear on the first search results page, even above the organic listings. However, it’s recommended to avail the services of a Google ads agency instead of going DIY since it requires technical know-how.

If you can afford to play the long game, SEO stands out as a remarkably cost-effective choice. It may take months, or even years, to see results, depending on your objectives.

However, the strength of SEO lies in its ability to generate sustained growth and organic traffic without the need to spend on paid search advertising.

In a recent survey of business owners and marketing professionals regarding Google Ads and SEO, 90% found Google Ads effective, and 87% highlighted the effectiveness of SEO.

However, when asked to choose only one tactic, 64% opted for Google Ads, while 36% favored SEO.

Before deciding between SEO and PPC, consider the following:

  • Your goal: For immediate traffic for a promotion or to launch a product, go for PPC. For consistent, long-term growth, lean towards SEO.
  • Your performance: If you already have a strong search presence from solid SEO efforts, PPC could enhance visibility.
  • Your margins: Some keywords are pricier to target with ads. If costs are high and your profit margin isn’t optimal, SEO may yield better returns.
  • Your customer values: Higher customer lifetime values may justify higher click costs with PPC. Lower values might make SEO a more suitable option.

Bottom Line

The choice between SEO and Google Ads hinges on your specific business goals and timeline. SEO, with its focus on organic growth, is a cost-effective strategy that builds authority, credibility, and sustainable traffic over time. On the other hand, Google Ads offers immediate visibility and measurable results, making it ideal for quick promotions or product launches.

In any case, whether you opt for the immediate impact of Google Ads or the sustained growth facilitated by SEO, Kanadev stands out as the premier digital marketing agency in Ontario. Renowned for delivering trustworthy SEO and PPC services, Kanadev ensures your online visibility aligns with your business objectives. With a proven track record, we are your strategic partner for navigating the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

Choose Kanadev for results-driven digital marketing excellence. Let’s embark on this journey together for success!

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