Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing In 2024

The digital landscape is a place where the only constant is change, and where today’s winning strategy may be obsolete tomorrow. This makes it difficult to stay up as a user, but it’s more difficult when trying to learn the art of social media marketing.

But you’ve arrived at the correct place. As the best digital marketing company in Ontario, we have written this article to share experience and expertise armed with the most recent insights, the most effective techniques, and a thorough awareness of the digital world.

But before anything, let’s learn why social media is important for your business!

Why Is Social Media Important For Your Business?

Social media marketing goes beyond traditional promotional efforts. It is more than just advertising; it creates an interactive space where businesses can thrive.

In simple words, social media allows you to interact with your audience/customers first-hand. The importance of social media can be measured by its following benefits:

  • Engagement and customer insights
  • Versatile marketing tools
  • Global reach
  • Cost-effective market research
  • Revenue boost
  • Brand development
  • Idea exchange and business improvement
  • Recruitment opportunities
  • Enhanced web traffic
  • Competitor monitoring

What Should Be Your SMM Goals

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, social media stands out as a major tool with the potential to accomplish specific business goals. Let’s explore five key objectives that businesses can target through effective social media marketing.

1- Brand Awareness:

One of the major goals of social media marketing is to amplify brand awareness. Achieving this involves a consistent presence on various platforms, engaging content creation, and active participation in relevant conversations. By doing so, businesses can extend their reach, ensuring that a broader audience becomes acquainted with their brand.

2- Lead Generation:

Social media platforms serve as grounds for lead generation. Whether it’s through organic posts, strategically placed paid ads, or personalized direct messages, businesses can leverage these platforms to attract potential customers and guide them seamlessly through the sales funnel.

3- Customer Engagement:

Social media, as a two-way street, provides businesses with a unique opportunity to directly interact with their audience. By fostering a sense of community through active engagement—be it through comments, likes, shares, or direct messages—businesses can build strong relationships with their customer base.

4- Customer Service:

As the digital world evolves, more customers turn to social media for customer service needs. Businesses can capitalize on this trend by promptly responding to inquiries, addressing concerns, and efficiently resolving issues. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also showcases the business’s commitment to delivering top-tier customer service.

5- Sales and Conversions:

At its core, the ultimate goal of any marketing endeavor is to drive sales. Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective by strategically promoting products or services, offering exclusive deals, and directing traffic to the business’s website or online store. By leveraging the expansive reach of social media platforms, businesses can significantly impact their bottom line.

What Social Media Marketing Trends Will Follow In 2024!

In a rapidly evolving social media landscape, adapting to the ongoing trends ensures brands remain visible, engaging, and relevant in the digital sphere. Here, we have discussed some SMM trends that will surely follow in 2023.

1- Text-Only Posts Gain Traction:

While X’s stability was uncertain, text-based apps like Mastodon, Bluesky Social, and Meta’s Threads seized opportunities, with Threads reaching 44 million daily users. X, formerly Twitter, remains dominant, with over 540 million users. Old-school text posts thrive on Facebook, and LinkedIn sees success with text-only content.

To Do List

  •    Secure usernames on Mastodon, Bluesky, and Threads.
  •    Repurpose text-only content across platforms.
  •    Polish X marketing and monitor engagement with analytics.

2- Social Platforms as Search Engines:

Social media challenges traditional search engines. TikTok integrates Google search, and platforms like Facebook and Instagram influence Gen Z’s shopping decisions. Social SEO evolves beyond keyword optimization, emphasizing content that educates and entertains for better visibility.

To-Do List

  •   Utilize social SEO and keyword research.
  •   Create content addressing common questions.
  •   Incorporate social SEO while diversifying strategies.

3- Resurgence of Longer Videos:

Longer videos (2-5 minutes) gain prominence due to platform extensions. Instagram Reels and TikTok allow lengthier content. Social media’s role in answering user queries fuels the demand for more in-depth videos, offering entertainment and knowledge.

To Do List

  •   Experiment with 2-3 minute Reels.
  •   Embrace evergreen, in-depth videos.
  •   Include timestamps for easier navigation.

4- Shift to DM Engagement:

Personal updates shift from feeds to DMs, reflecting a more authentic social experience. Instagram witnesses growth in stories and DMs, emphasizing the need for brands to adapt. DMs have become a preferred communication method, necessitating readiness for increased customer service inquiries.

To Do List

  •    Encourage audience DMs for questions and feedback.
  •    Equip teams for efficient customer service.
  •    Set up automated responses for common queries.

5- Shares Trump Likes and Comments:

Shares surpass likes, comments, and followers in authenticity. Shares, challenging manipulation, indicate genuine value and reach. Public share counts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok underscore their significance.

To Do List

  •    Focus on creating shareable content.
  •    Analyze top-shared posts with Hootsuite Analytics.
  •    Prioritize shares in marketing reports.

6- Telegram’s Rise as a Super App:

Telegram, with 800 million monthly users, emerges as a potential super app. Initially known for secure messaging, it now incorporates social features and an advertising platform. Telegram’s growth presents an opportunity for marketers to explore sponsored messaging and integrate the platform strategically.

To-Do List

  •    Explore Telegram’s features and advertising platform.
  •    Consider cross-promotion on other social networks.
  •    Experiment with the Telegram Ad Platform for sponsored messaging.

7- TikTok as the Trendsetter for Short Videos:

TikTok remains the epicenter for video trends, setting the stage for the latest creative expressions and innovations. While Reels on Instagram may follow the trend pipeline, TikTok’s dynamic and youthful demographic ensures it stays at the forefront of short video trends. Keeping a vigilant eye on TikTok allows brands to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

To Do List

  • Regularly explore your TikTok For You page for emerging trends.
  • Analyze how brands engage with trends and audience reactions.
  • Incorporate relevant trends into your content calendar for testing.
  • Maintain awareness, especially if your industry is highly regulated, or you’re not ready to post actively.

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